Motorsports club wants Sarawak to set up racing track

KUCHING, Jan 4: Building a racing track in Sarawak would not only be good news for car enthusiasts, but may also generate some revenue for the state.


According to Staytuned Motorsports Club secretary Jeffrey Liew, Sarawak had a lot of potential for a racing circuit to be built here, and he strongly believed that it could bring a lot of contribution to the development of Sarawak. 

“Sarawak car enthusiasts have always wished for a racing circuit like the one in West Malaysia where they can race their cars wholeheartedly,” Liew said. 

“By having a racing circuit here, we can organise our competitions, attracting all the car enthusiasts from other places to visit our country while participating in the competition,” he said, pointing out that visitors would also have the chance to explore and learn about the culture and lifestyle of the Sarawak. 

“We ask for government support to build a racing circuit in Sarawak whereby the public can pay a small fee to practice and test the cars instead of ‘abandoning’ them to test on the road. I wish the government could come up with a proper track for car enthusiasts to practice on,” Liew said.

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